Athena of the Pireus

Why write a blog?

Those among my friends who followed me for some time will remember that I used to write regularly in a blog called Reflections of a stormy petrel. Having been away from the net for more than a year, my accounts have mostly lapsed, and I cannot access it or write in it any more. So I am starting another, just as I started a whole slew of personal, e-mail, fanfic, Quora and Facebook accounts in place of those that are – infuriatingly – still there, but that I cannot access.

At the same time, I thought I would refocus what I wanted to do with it. It is not only that fifteen years have gone by since I started Reflections of a stormy petrel – pretty much knowing nothing, and just writing down the first thing that came into my head. A lot of what I, and for that matter many of my friends, did then, was more like what we do in Facebook now – jottings, diary notes, fugitive thoughts, jokes. I do all that on Facebook now. But Facebook is a fairly superficial medium, that mostly invites talk and short communications. What it is not very good for is writing of any size – essays, reports, short stories, chapters of books.

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